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Valued worldwide: KERN-LIEBERS elements for the textile industry.


SAXONIA, together with BAYRISCHE NADELLEISTENFABRIK PAUL LEISTNER GmbH, offers a comprehensive assortment of top combs and circular comb strips for wool combing machines. Combs for different machine types of all leading combing machine manufacturers can be delivered. Saxonia's special expertise shows in the exact and repeatable configuration of the pins and the accuracy of pinning densities and projections. Thereby the fleece can be kept extremely clean which is a prerequisite for an optimum spinning process..


Top combs
Pinning density 14-32 N/cm
Length of strip450 mm, 460 mm, 470 mm, 510 mm
Projection 8,2 mm standard, 9,2 mm oder 10,2 mm for flax processing
Machines N. Schlumberger PB26 to PB33,
N. Schlumberger ERA, Sant Andrea P90,
Sant Andrea P100, Textima
Circular comb strips  
Pinning density4-32 N/cm
Length of strip405 mm, 434 mm, 440 mm, 444 mm, up to 485 mm on customer request
Fixing:Type A type B
Machines:N. Schlumberger PB26 to PB29,
N. Schlumberger PB30 to PB33,
Sant Andrea P90, Textima


Top combs
Pinning density20-32 N/cm
Length of strip277 mm, 305 mm, 320 mm, 342 mm

Rieter, Marzoli, Vouk, Hara, Toyota, Truetschler, Lakshmi, Howa Cartory, Saco Lowell,
Textima/CSM, Jingwei, Kaigong, Haochang, Hengxing

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