Stamped & fineblanked parts, micro-stamped parts

Fineblanked parts

Fineblanked parts

Components that push the limits of what can be done today with stamping.

We manufacture fineblanked parts with high demands on the functional surfaces in a single operation. The process is characterized by a high proportion of clean-cut, adherence to tight tolerances, a high level of angular accuracy and high flatness.

With our fine blanking presses capable up to 6,500kN total force, we process material thicknesses from 0.3 mm to 12 mm.

We specialize in components that push the limits of what is possible with stamping.

Numerous specialized connection technologies (clinching, radial point riveting, pressing, laser welding, resistance welding) enable the production of highly complex assemblies.

Fineblanked parts and assemblies have practical applications in various fields, such as diesel/gasoline injection technology, gears, motors, pumps, turbochargers and mechanical engineering.


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