Laser-machined parts

Highly automated, precise and sophisticated.

Laser-machined parts

As a tool, the laser is characterized by a high level of precision, a high capacity for automation and an extremely high level of flexibility.

The most important laser processes used at KERN-LIEBERS are laser drilling, laser welding and coating, laser hardening and laser deburring. KERN-LIEBERS

Laser drilling for example is used to manufacture particulate filters with a bore diameter ranging from 30 microns to 100 microns for high pressure applications. With specially configured lasers and quality control systems developed in-house, we are able to manufacture filters with thousands of drilled holes in high volume production. Using these filters, highly-sensitive injectors and regulating valves in diesel and gasoline fuel injection systems, as well as hydraulic components, can be effectively protected from dirt particles.

Laser welding has been used for many years as a joining process in high volume production with low heat input and high levels of precision. Depending on the product requirements and material properties, both pulsed and continuous wave lasers are used. Used in conjunction with specially developed inspection systems, these highly automated processes guarantee that components are of the highest quality, even under extreme conditions.

Micro-laser deposition welding is used in the manufacture of contacts. This method allows for a reduction in the use of expensive precious metal alloys on the contact point by using precisely adjusted laser pulses to build up a 20 to 50 micron thick precious metal coating.


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