Precision processing

Precision processing


A full range of machining processes to meet the most challenging parts requirements – with a high level of precision down to the micron range. 


To fulfill customer requirements that cannot be met using stamping or fine blanking processes, KERN-LIEBERS uses advanced machining centers for finishing work.

From the manufacture of prototypes at our CNC machining centers to fully automatic production at automated robot rotary transfer machining centers, we have the right machine for any number of parts and for various levels of complexity.


Turning processes are used to finish finely cut blanks or sleeves manufactured with rotary swaging processes. The advantage of turning is the high runout accuracy of the dimensions produced by turning in a single clamping operation. To give an example, sleeves produced by rotary swaging are machined on the end faces and partially on the outside diameter.

Our systems are automated, can be flexibly loaded with robots, and allow impact-free loading and unloading of delicate precision parts, allowing for example high-volume production of IT 7 fits (18 microns in the diameter range 10 mm to 18 mm).

We can also process materials that are difficult to machine.

Double-side grinding

Double-side grinding is used for the manufacture of high-precision metal parts so as to reach a very good level of flatness, parallelism and surface finish.

Parts manufactured with double-side grinding can have important properties such as precision, efficiency, rigidity, stability, and automation.