Precision processing

Precision processing


From slight edge rounding to complete deburring with a wide range of deburring technologies. 

Deburring processes

In order to improve surface topography, we apply deburring processes to the areas that are hard to reach, such as small bore holes or grooves. During processing, the material is dissolved. This process is particularly suitable for challenging requirements in terms of the cleanliness of the parts, producing a gloss level that meets the requirements of visually demanding applications.

Vibratory finishing

One of the technical requirement for KERN-LIEBERS parts is a defined edge rounding, including at places that cannot be reached by grinding tools. To avoid damaging the yarn, the part surface must also be perfectly smoothed.

This is achieved using special vibratory finishing processes developed by KERN-LIEBERS. These processes are fully reproducible in every respect. We can guarantee our customers that different batches can be mixed with no visible effect on knitting results, again underlining the quality awareness of KERN-LIEBERS.

KERN-LIEBERS has a fully equipped vibratory finishing department that can meet the different requirements of our wide range of products. Particularly challenging in this area is the machining of long, thin workpieces without distortion or damage.

The need for continuous development of processes is understood by everyone at KERN-LIEBERS as an essential requirement for securing our technological lead.

Belt grinding, brushing

Belt grinding and/or brushing are commonly used methods for removing burrs. Belt grinding is used to remove the burrs (larger components only), after which the edges are rounded by brushing. Small holes (less than 1mm in diameter) are difficult to deburr with this process, because the bristles cannot penetrate properly into the holes.

For small parts with small hole diameters, KERN-LIEBERS uses its own part-specific brushing systems with special brushes. These systems can also be used for non-magnetic parts.