Assemblies with strip springs

KERN-LIEBERS China has a comprehensive range of engineering and production skills derived from many years’ experience in integrating strip spring parts into assemblies for various functions. KERN-LIEBERS engineers are ready to provide a one-stop engineering service from spring design and material selection to optimized manufacturing processes for spring assemblies.

Assemblies for cable retractors

Constant force springs are installed in the cable retractor assemblies to wind the cable back into the cable reels. The typical example is the cable retractor used in vacuum cleaners.

Push-push systems

Constant force springs are widely used for push-push system units installed in vehicles, for example in cupholder assemblies.

Spring balance systems

Constant force springs are usually installed in the balance system to counterbalance certain forces in various application assemblies, for example the height adjuster for electric fans.

Assemblies for seat belt units

As an important functional part for seat belt units, KERN-LIEBERS contributes its know-how, from raw materials and manufacturing processes to the life-saving safety reliability of the retractor assemblies in seat belt units.

This development work has turned the seat belt spring into a component that performs its important function as reliably as it does inconspicuously. The prerequisite for this is a love of detail, from design through material to production technology. KERN-LIEBERS has set the standards everywhere in this field, and continues to set them today. Our continuous improvement is rounded off by our dedicated participation in committees on standards and in associations, particularly the German spring industry association VDFI.

KERN-LIEBERS produces quality and quality produces safety – your safety!

KERN-LIEBERS provides individual solutions to the leading manufacturers in the automotive industry.

Assemblies for cable retractors

Power springs are usually wound into the metal or plastic housings as functional assemblies to wind the cables back to the cable retractor units, for example in vacuum cleaners.

Assemblies for retracting dog leashes

As a core functional part of a dog lead unit, the power spring works with a fixed axis inside the retractor assembly to wind the leash back into the unit.

Hose retractors

Hose retractors for rinsing hoses integrated into steam ovens in commercial kitchens, with an automatic retracting system for manual cleaning, and with integrated water shutoff and continuously variable spray adjustment.