Spring technologies

Spring technologies

Strip springs

KERN-LIEBERS is a well-established manufacturer of strip springs with specialized machines and technologies for producing and testing a wide range of strip springs.


In the early fifties, KERN-LIEBERS started research in the field of high-strength steels, working on the development of fatigue-free steel strip and ultimately developing its special texture-rolled high-grade carbon steel, which can achieve very high lifecycle results due to its special characteristics.


To achieve the consistently high quality of its strip spring products, KERN-LIEBERS brings to bear the experience in tailored machine designs gained in over 125 years of spring production. We have specialty machines in place for everything from the smallest watch springs to large springs for railway systems. From simple machines for the production of samples to complex machines with integrated measuring systems for 100% inspection of parts, we have a wide range of systems and equipment for every need.


After manufacturing the strip spring parts, KERN-LIEBERS provide a wide range of additional processes to meet the customer’s specified requirements.
These include

  • Finishing of assemblies
  • Pre-tensioning with various retention systems
  • Customer-specific anti-corrosion protection
  • Optimization of slide properties with special greases
  • Customer-specific testing technology in the final inspection
  • Packaging of the products in customized special packaging