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KERN-LIEBERS (India): Two Awards for Best Quality Supplier

Indian Subsidiary of KERN-LIEBERS Receives Awards from Honeywell and Rane TRW



KERN-LIEBERS (India) was awarded the Certificate of Appreciation for “Best Quality Supplier Precision & Wheel” by Honeywell Transportation Systems. The Indian subsidiary of the KERN-LIEBERS Group of Companies is one of only three companies in India which received the important award.

Honeywell, represented in India by Honeywell Turbo Technologies (HTT), is a global leader in automotive turbocharger technology. The company’s field of action includes product development and testing activities for both global and local automotive applications at their technology center in Bangalore. HTT provides turbos for India and serves as export hub for Southeast Asia, Europe, and customers from all over the world. India is also Honeywell’s global platform development center for small and medium-sized turbocharger applications, a rapidly growing segment in the Indian automotive industry. Its turbos help global engine platforms achieve EU4, EU5 and EU6 emission standards.

Managing director of KERN-LIEBERS (India) Felix Reichardt and all business unit leaders congratulated the team and encouraged them to keep up the good work. The dedicated effort of all employees to deliver high-quality, high precision products as well as a supportive leadership team are the company’s key factors to success.

But at the Indian subsidiary of the KERN-LIEBERS Group there are currently two good reasons to celebrate: At the Supplier Meet of the Indian-based Rane TRW Steering Systems Limited in February 2017 KERN-LIEBERS (India) received the Award for Commendable Quality Performance for the business year 2015-16.

In 2016, KERN-LIEBERS (India) was already certified as quality supplier by Turbo Energy and Bosch. Proud of its two recent recognitions, KERN-LIEBERS (India) is ambitious to continue improving its quality standards in the future.

Award Honeywell
Award Rane TRW Steering Systems Ltd